We Do not sell kitchens.
We make dreams come true..

if you want to give yourself over to your own ideas about living and furnishing your space, you have to look for the solutions that convey more then just the feelings of perfect functionality. and that is just what you find at kitchen Care.


Because Kitchen Care offers not only an extraordinary variety of programs and design elements for the interiordiagram2
designs of the kitchen. They also continue to create new kinds of solution, whose options go far beyond the usual
kitchen planning and accommodate today’s international tendencies in architecture and interior design.

What does KitchenCare have that others dont’t have..?

Our kitchen design team will provide 3D color pictures of our suggested layouts and detailed floor plan.
3D drawings provided are a computer representation. Every cabninet serves a specific use, so that items for use in kitchen are not clusttered. Looking at the specific need and then adjusting with available materials. is the job of a Kitchencare specialist.

Our Product Range

As market is growing, the demand for practical, easy to operate and user friendly equipment with stylish appearance ,we are focusing towards specializing through continuous products improvement and development.

Our Product range in includes equipment for the following

  • Pakistan/Indian Cooking.
  • Continental Cooking .
  • Chinese Cooking
  • Bar-Be-Que.
  • Dishing washing Area .
  • Service Area .
  • Preparation.
  • Butchery.
  • Refrigeration.
  • Mobile Cooking .
  • Coffee Bars. Etc, Etc.

We are maintaining the following standard features on all our equipment

  • Total Stainless Steel Construction Body
  • Easy to use Gas controls.
  • Solid cast iron components.
  • Hi Caloric Burners.