Kitchen Guide

kitchen1Working Out Priorities..

Before you start planning you need to determine your priorities and anticipate future needs.
by looking at your lifestyle, the architecture of your house and your cooking habits, we will gradually build an idea of the style and design of kitchen you want.

1. How regularly is your kitchen used?
2. What activities will you do there, food preparation, food storage, everyday eating, and laundry?
3. Who use the kitchen? are you a single person, professional couple without children or part of a large family?
4. Do you want a designate eating area, whether its a table, breakfast bar or island unit.
5. Can the kitchen be comfortably used or adapted for use by a mentally/physically challenged or elderly person?
6. Average height of male and female in the area.



Look at the shape and size of your kitchen. Is it big enough for the activities, appliances and storage required,
without restricting movement? if not, is it feasible to enlarge the space or add an extension, taking into account your budget and timescale.


1. List what you like and dislike then list the qualities of your ideal kitchen.
2. what are your favorite kitchen style, collect some magazine cuttings.
3. Which kitchen appliances you want and how you want, refrigeration/freezer, dishwasher, microwave, waste disposal unit etc.

Shaker_Kitchen_Isometric - CopySafety..

1. Install cookers and hobs away from windows with curtains.
2. Chose a non-slip material for flooring.
3. Flank cooking area with a heat resisting work top.
4. ensure work surface and working area are well lit.
5. Fit child locks on any door or drwer containing chemicals or other dangerous obbjects.
6. Chose rounded or axis croners on worktops.
7. All kitchen should have fiv extinguishers and fire blankets